Ravelli Group

Entrepreneurial intuition dating back from many years ago, a long tradition of experience, a wealth of ideas and knowledge passed down through generations, with all the determination and passion of those who want to turn an idea into a successful enterprise. The intuition is further pushed forward by the strength of new ideas and technologies, teamwork, research and solutions within a framework of sustainable development and innovation, aimed at improving the quality of life. From the experience of Ecoteck srl, founded as an autonomous division of C.F.M. srl, a specialized company that deals in metal fabrication for stoves and fireplaces since 1970, the Ravelli group was founded as new entrepreneurial company in the heating sector.

100% Tested

Every Gruppo Ravelli stove has undergone practical testing by a team of professional testers and is certified according to the strictest standards in force in order to guarantee maximum reliability and 100% safety at all times...