Gruppo Ravelli has always been driven by its careful consideration in protecting the environment and the balance of the ecosystem by manufacturing products that will best reconcile the demands of economic development with environmental protection. The company’s action fits into a wider trend towards global and individual rediscovery of ecological applications, in order to guarantee sustainable development dedicated to preserving the very world in which we live today. 

Pellet: a revolution in home heating

The diagram illustrates how the pellets are transformed during combustion. Thanks to the combined action of the sun’s energy, carbon dioxide, water and the dissolved mineral salts, the pellets are constantly renewed. 

he combustion releases the same amount of CO2 as the quantity absorbed and developed by a tree during the growth and the natural decomposition in a forest. The combustion of pellets, therefore, does not increase the CO2 quantity of the atmosphere. 

The other important aspect of the pellet is the content of ash: while wood contains bark and various impurities, a good quality pellet has an ash content less than 1% of the total weight.